At ABC15, I have uncovered chronic problems in the regulation of ammonium nitrate in Arizona, mapped the danger zones surrounding chemical facilities in the state, tracked systemic failures in the reporting of arson, and followed families battling the state's broken mental health care system. My work as an investigative reporter is a daily challenge -- one that is unfailingly rewarding. Take a look at some of what I've done below.

Photography by Steve Richardson

Political Fact Checks

Political stories are, most often, what we call bad television stories. There are a lot of talking heads; there’s not a lot of video, and the drama is limited to ‘insider baseball’ information that isn’t easy for a TV audience to digest in less than three minutes. That’s not the case with political ads. These are chalk-full of drama -- and TV audiences are inundated with them during election season. So, in 2014's midterm elections, as election season heated up, I fact-checked the ads on our airwaves, adding context and perspective to the claims, and digging into what was really behind them: dark money.

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Hazardous Chemicals in Arizona

As part of a groundbreaking collaboration with the Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting, we exposed the holes in Arizona's tracking and regulation of the chemical -- ammonium nitrate -- that killed 15 people in West, Texas, in 2013. Then, we gathered difficult-to-obtain federal data to create a first-of-its-kind map illustrating the danger zones that surround hazardous chemical facilities in Arizona. The shocking result: Nearly 3 million Arizonans live within one -- or more -- of the danger zones.

Leaking Natural Gas Pipes

After a Gilbert, Arizona, man was burned over 80 percent of his body when a natural gas pipe leaked and exploded, we uncovered a history of problems with the pipe in the desert Southwest.

Arson in America

As part of a national Scripps News Service investigation, we uncovered the systemic under-reporting of arson in Arizona -- and nationwide. 

Arizona's Broken Mental Health System

We followed one Arizona family as the parents battled to get their mentally ill son the help he needs. In the process, we found a gaping hole in Arizona's mental health care system: There aren't enough beds for mentally ill children.